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We have a wide selection of albums with various covers. Our most popular are our luxury Portuguese albums which come in a vast array of colours and finishes. The supplier has provided more information on their Celebrate range. For prices please contact us and we will prepare a customised quote to meet you requirements and your budget.

For a free no obligation quote for photography or photography & film please contact me on If you have any questions or would like to discuss your wedding plans then just give me a call on 07920-461604.

Grahmam Mackay - Wedding Album Example

Celebrate Wedding Albums

This is a collection for everyone with an exquisite taste. Its premium velvet coating provides the perfect balance between sophistication and softness. This material slightly changes its tones when it is touched and its soft touch felling makes a deep desire to remember the memories printed inside.  A perfect option for everyone who loves elegance and does not hesitate to show audacity with enthusiasm.

Unbeatable Quality

Building Details

Building Details - unbeatable quality

Range of Choice


Wedding Album - Range of Choice

Exclusive Materials


A coating made of thin and long overlapping fibres, supported by silk and polyester yarns. The thickness and softness is the main characteristic and when it is brushed, their colours change into different shades. The highlight of this coating goes with a wide range of colours available, including the new Earth Tones. It gives an exquisite and elegant look to the most demanding projects.

Wedding Album - Exclusive Materials - Coatings

Art of Printing

Paper Type

A very high quality paper certified by Fujifilm and made especially for professional printing.

Fuji DPII photographic paper is distinguished by its sharpness when printed, its thick base and high stiffness , through the photographic printing technique the paper is exposed to light and developed with the help of photographic chemicals. A paper that enhances the value of each photo, gives the product a unique character preserving colours for long periods of time.

This paper is available in a wide selection of finishes from matte to extra glossy options. For its diversity and high quality, this paper is one of the most chosen by photographers around the world.

Wedding Album - Photographic Paper

Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity is an official document, emitted at the time of printing on Hahnemühle paper, which guarantees the authenticity of your works.
It thus becomes a document that guarantees the true origin and authorship of the work, being signed and validated by its author and printer.
The Certificate of Authenticity adds even more value to your work as it guarantees, through a unique number, that it is a unique work on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper and will turn your work into a real work of art!

Certificate of Authenticity

Album Page Layouts

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